What is Wifi Max?

One of the advantages that wifi max had brought is that not only can you connect to the PSP wirelessly, it can also be done cheaply and effortlessly. This sub-type of wifi is really a great advantage to game lovers out there and those who you want to surf and organize their files wherever they may be.

The features of wifi max in brief:

  1. No need for wires and cables. The old problem of wires getting all over the place is eliminated. You do not have to worry about having them getting into your way.  You will have no trouble enjoying your Internet experience once everything is in order.

The most common problems that people have is the wires that need to be connected properly and put in the right places. Sometimes, some of these need to be reconnected from time to time. Wifi max eliminates all the unnecessary cables.

  1. Online game capabilities using any Internet-capable mediums. It does not matter whatever medium you are using; computer, portable laptop or PDAs. As long as they can have access to the Internet, wifi max will ensure all other else.

  2. Files are organized easily. No need having them saved in other devices. You can download them straight to the device you want them stored.

  3. Much faster than any ordinary wifi connection. Playing games, browsing or finding important information over the Internet can be done with more reliability and in the fastest time. No more long waits to be connected. Instant access whenever you need to get online the soonest possible time.

  4. Comes with accessories that you will find more than useful. Wifi max has a USB cable and dongle included for convenience purposes. There is also a stand where you can put your wifi max on for good measure. Other accessories you can buy from the store nearest you or over the Internet.

  5. Cheaper wifi prices. There are already dome stores offline or online that offers competitive prices for their wifi max. If you look hard enough, you will find one that will offer you the price that is well within your budget.

Once you have set up your wireless access point, you can easily connect to any PSP games that have multi-player capabilities. Wifi max can support up to 5 PSP gamers all at the same time. This makes it easy for you to round up your buddies and set all of your game schedules simultaneously.

Since you can avail of instant connection, there will be no more worried about having to miss any stage in your game. Best of all, you can do this anytime you feel like it without considering others that may be using the Internet lines and wires.

Wifi Max for those who need their media data and file organized

Readying your files is a task you will find easy and enjoyable once you have wifi max helping you out. Once you have connected the wifi max to your computer, all you have to do is download the files right on. Included in the files are your videos, images and MP3s.

Transferring files using wifi max is 5 times faster than any ordinary wifi application. You can also position your wifi max at the most convenient location so you will be assured of reliable and faster network connection.