Smartphone Display Lighting Can Activate Live Cells

Lighting technology used in smartphone displays is able to activate live cells that are genetically programmed to respond to light, scientists at the University of St Andrews have revealed. The findings as “a bit like cells watching TV”, in the words of Professor Malte Gather from the School of Physics and Astronomy, who led the research. Using the ability of organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) to “switch on” individual cells in the lab opens the door to cell-specific optogenetic control in cultured neuronal networks, brain slices, and other biomedical research applications. [Read More]

Canada LG G4 Release Date Confirmed June 19

The official Canada shipping date for the LG G4 has been made announced as June 19th. The latest flagship handset from the South Korean electronics company is will be available with Bell, Rogers, TELUS, WIND Mobile, and Videotron. Pricing with contract will likely be set at $199.99, with off-contract pricing of $699.99. Canadians only two choices for the G4, either the black leather, or the metallic grey finish. Announced in early May of this year, the device improves on the G3 in just about all aspects. [Read More]

Huawei Debuts P8 Lite Unlocked Inexpensive Smartphone in US

Chinese networking and telecommunications giant Huawei has launched a new inexpensive unlocked smartphone. The Huawei P8 Lite was officially unveiled by Huawei at a press event held in New York on Tuesday. The new smartphone, which analysts expect to sell in large numbers due to its favorable price point, will be available online at Amazon and GetHuawei, plus in brick and mortar retailer BH Electronics, Target and Fry’s. The price will be $250, with no contract. [Read More]

LG G4 US Purchasers Get Extra Battery, 32GMB MicroSD Free

LG, the South Korean smartphone maker, is sweetening the deal in a bid to sway US buyers wawy from the Samsung S6. For a limited time (until June 21), the company is offering the LG G4 with a charging cradle, an extra battery, and a 32 GB SanDisk microSD card. No extra charge to buyers. The offer highlights the fact that expandable storage space and removable batteries have been done away with in the Galaxy S6 and the HTC One M9. [Read More]

Colorimetrix App puts Medical Diagnostics on your Smartphone

A new smartphone application from the University of Cambridge may make monitoring conditions like kidney disease, diabetes, or urinary tract infections easier for patients and doctors. Eventually it could be used to slow or limit the spread of pandemics in developing countries. The app, named Colorimetrix, accurately measures color-based, or colorimetric, tests for use in home, clinical or remote settings, and allows for transmission of medical data directly from patients to health professionals. [Read More]

Blackberry Cedes 3rd Place to Windows Phone in U.S.

According to the latest ComScore report, Windows Phone has overtaken Blackberry for the third most used smartphone platform in the U.S. First place still belongs to Android, which commands 51.7% market share, followed by the Apple iOS, with 41.6 percent of all smartphone users. In fifth place, Symbian has 0.2 % of the users. Is Windows Phone’s rise due to the recently released Nokia X? That smartphone uses a code base base of Android, but runs a Windows-ish user interface. [Read More]

Smartphone Customer Satisfaction Honors Go to Samsung S3 in US, But Apple Tops in South Korea

A smartphone consumer survey released by the American Customer Satisfaction Index says Samsung is tops with its Galaxy S III and Note II. The study gives 2013 customer satisfaction benchmarks for 10 of the past year’s top-selling smartphone models in the United States. Samsung’s 2012 flagship S III, gets an 84, on a 0 to 100 scale, beating out Apple’s iPhone 5 at 82. A second Samsung model, the Note II, shares the top of list at 84. [Read More]