Graphene Quantum Dots Recycle Waste CO2 Into Fuel

Nitrogen-doped graphene quantum dots could represent a simple method for recycling waste carbon dioxide into valuable fuel, rather than releasing it into the atmosphere or burying it underground, say Rice University scientists. Nitrogen-doped graphene quantum dots (NGQDs) are an efficient electrocatalyst to make complex hydrocarbons from carbon dioxide, according to the research team. Using electrocatalysis, Rice University materials scientist Pulickel Ajayan’s lab has shown the conversion of the greenhouse gas into small batches of ethylene and ethanol. [Read More]

Giant Quantum Dots could lead to Solar Panel Windows

Recent quantum dot research at Los Alamos National Laboratory could lead to windows that also act as solar panels. The work shows that the greater light emitting properties of quantum dots are applicable to solar energy, helping more efficiently harvest sunlight. Quantum dots, extremely small bits of semiconductor material, can be synthesized with almost atomic precision through advanced methods in colloidal chemistry. The emission color is tunable by varying their dimensions. [Read More]