Graphene Nano-Membrane 1000 times more breathable than Goretex

A stable, porous membrane thinner than a nanometre has been produced by researchers at ETH Zurich. That is 100,000 times thinner than a human hair. The new membrane opens the door to a new generation of waterproof clothing, and also to ultra-rapid filtration. Made of two layers of graphene, a two-dimensional film made of carbon atoms, on which is etched tiny pores of a precisely defined size, it is permeable to tiny molecules, but larger molecules or particles, can pass only slowly or not at all. [Read More]

Environmentally Friendly Nanostructures made from Silk

Nanostructures can be generated from silk in an environmentally friendly process, Tufts University engineers have shown. The engineers used water as a developing agent and standard fabrication techniques to demonstrate the concept. The approach gives a green alternative to the commonly used toxic materials in nanofabrication, and delivers fabrication quality comparable to conventional synthetic polymers for the manufacture of semi-conductors and other electronic and photonic devices. Nanofabrication uses high-resolution patterning involving features so small that they have at least one dimension no larger than 100 nanometers, the size of particles filtered out by surgical masks. [Read More]