iPhone Separation Anxiety can affect your Productivity

Ever forget to take your iPhone to work? Maybe you noticed that you were a little “off” that day? Turns out it’s not just your imagination. Obviously, by now the use of smartphones has become a part of everybody’s life. Mobile devices have become one of the world’s most popular ways to communicate. But almost no research has been done on the impact of cell phone usage. For example, what happens when people are separated from their phones? [Read More]

Modus III Portable Workstation for iPads

If you find typing on a touchscreen anywhere as annoying as me, you’ll be interested in a new Kickstarter project called Modus III. Billed as a “Productivity Headquarters for iPad”, the device includes a Bluetooth laptop size keyboard, a docking station made from aerospace quality aluminum and a polycarbonate case for portability. (weight is about 2.4 pounds) It will fit all iPhones & micro USB Android phones as well as iPad 2, 3, 4. [Read More]

Illumoscope Macrophotography Device for iPhones

A small startup from North Carolina is bringing close-up photography to the iPhone. Illumoscope is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for producing the device. Packages start at pledges of $25. The Illumoscope consists of a snap-on case, attachable measured view scope and fixed view scopes, plus the iPhone app it runs on. Just snapping on the case converts your iPhone into an illuminated macro photography camera, or a digital microscope, view scope or short range borescope. [Read More]

Smartphone Customer Satisfaction Honors Go to Samsung S3 in US, But Apple Tops in South Korea

A smartphone consumer survey released by the American Customer Satisfaction Index says Samsung is tops with its Galaxy S III and Note II. The study gives 2013 customer satisfaction benchmarks for 10 of the past year’s top-selling smartphone models in the United States. Samsung’s 2012 flagship S III, gets an 84, on a 0 to 100 scale, beating out Apple’s iPhone 5 at 82. A second Samsung model, the Note II, shares the top of list at 84. [Read More]

Tile Lost and Found App Selfstarter Campaign Largest Ever

Tile is an “internet of things” startup with an intriguing idea- use Bluetooth and an iPhone app to track and find lost objects. The idea is so appealing, in fact, that the company has raised 2.6 million dollars via a Selfstarter crowdfunding campaign, which beats out previous champ Lockitron’s 2.2 million. It also beat Tile’s initial fundraising goal of $20,000 by about 130 times. The campaign was launched June 12th. [Read More]

Free iPhone App Shows Best Time to Cross U.S. Border

Driving into the United States from Mexico or Canada? A free new iPhone app developed by computer science students at UC San Diego allows drivers to give on the scene accounts of how long you have to wait. That social media information is then made instantly available to other motorists, helping future border crossers like you decide the best time to cross the border by car or truck. This iReport data is meshed with the data on wait times at the border from U. [Read More]
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