The San Andreas Fault Is About To Crack – Here’s What Will Happen When It Does

The director of the Southern California Earthquake Center, Thomas Jordan, made an announcement recently that would have sent a chill down the spine of every Californian: that the San Andreas fault appears to be in a critical state and as such, could generate a large earthquake imminently. Of course, the reiteration of the seismic hazard to Californians will be nothing surprising, but what is new is the warning that the southern portion of the fault “looks like it’s locked, loaded and ready to go”. [Read More]

Gravity Waves Rippling Toward Space Simulated

Like waves that ripple across a pond’s surface from a tossed pebble, gravity waves ripple toward space from disturbances in the Earth’s lower atmosphere. Gravity waves are created when air masses are moved up or down, by disturbances such as a thunderstorm, or when wind is forced up and over a mountain range. But in the lower atmosphere, their impacts usually remain local. By the time they reach the upper atmosphere, however, the waves have built up in amplitude and extent. [Read More]