Blackberry Cedes 3rd Place to Windows Phone in U.S.

According to the latest ComScore report, Windows Phone has overtaken Blackberry for the third most used smartphone platform in the U.S. First place still belongs to Android, which commands 51.7% market share, followed by the Apple iOS, with 41.6 percent of all smartphone users. In fifth place, Symbian has 0.2 % of the users. Is Windows Phone’s rise due to the recently released Nokia X? That smartphone uses a code base base of Android, but runs a Windows-ish user interface. [Read More]

Kobo E-Reader App for Blackberry 10 Released

Kobo has announced its free eReading application is now available for the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 smartphone. The app lets users carry, browse and shop for ebooks on Kobo’s eBookstore, where over 3.5-million books are listed for sale. Users can also automatically sync their library across any device they own. “The Kobo app creates the ideal reading experience for BlackBerry smartphone customers who want to be able to consume books wherever they are and whenever they want,” said Kobo VP Wayne White. [Read More]