Blackberry Cedes 3rd Place to Windows Phone in U.S.

Blackberry Q10According to the latest ComScore report, Windows Phone has overtaken Blackberry for the third most used smartphone platform in the U.S.

First place still belongs to Android, which commands 51.7% market share, followed by the Apple iOS, with 41.6 percent of all smartphone users. In fifth place, Symbian has 0.2 % of the users.

Is Windows Phone’s rise due to the recently released Nokia X? That smartphone uses a code base base of Android, but runs a Windows-ish user interface. No, all credit should probably go to Blackberry’s shrinking U.S. user base, which is now at 3.1 percent of the market. At its peak in 2010, the Blackberry commanded 37% of the U.S. market. Considering the fact that the first iPhone from Apple came out in 2007, a pretty impressive run.

In terms of handset manufacturers, Apple now boasts the largest market share, with 41.6 percent. Second place belongs to Samsung, with 26.7 percent, followed by LG’s 6.9 percent. Motorola and HTC are now fourth and fifth, with 6.4 percent and 5.4 percent.

94 Percent Traded in Blackberry

A recent T-Mobile promotion allowed BlackBerry users to trade in their old handsets for $200 in credit towards a new phone. 94 percent of those who took advantage of the offer opted to buy something other than a BlackBerry.

In related news, the software company Wondershare announced the latest release of Wondershare MobileTrans Version 4.1. The software can transfer Blackberry phone data such as SMS, contacts, call history, and more to other devices, including Android, Symbian, or iOS handsets.

With this Blackberry desktop backup solution, Blackberry users no longer have to connect both the old and new phones to a Windows computer to transfer content. All you do is run MobileTrans, and pick the source Blackberry desktop backup file and the target phone, select what content types to transfer, then click “Start Copy.”

This software is the world’s first and only Blackberry SMS to iPhone SMS transfer solution available.

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Features of MobileTrans for Win Version 4.1:

• Retrieve contacts and SMS from the BlackBerry Desktop Software backup and transfer to iPhones. • Retrieve contacts, call history, and SMS from the BlackBerry Desktop Software backup and transfer to Android phones. • Retrieve contacts from the BlackBerry Desktop Software backup and transfer to Nokia phones. • Works with the latest smartphones: Samsung Galaxy S5, iPhone 5S, etc. • Supports BlackBerry Desktop Software for BlackBerry 7.1 OS and earlier

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