June 2009

Mozilla Firefox 3.5 Download Released

Mozilla has officially released the Firefox 3.5 web browser today, it's latest and most feature rich browser to date. The new browser brings us a revamped JavaScript engine for faster page loading, many new features such as the ability to browse the web in private, and HTML5 support.

Looking at the Firefox 3.5 Release Notes we see the major new features;

The Pirate Bay team which recently went to court and loss for copyright violations, has launched a brand-new site called VideoBay. Video Bay provides streaming content of TV shows, music videos and more.

The new video streaming site is definitely still in beta, perhaps even alpha, because the site comes with a warning that states, "Don't expect anything to work at all". The on-going development of the site will take up to several years according to Peter Sunde of Pirate Bay.

Apple iPhone 3GS Overheating Problems? Big Deal!

News stories have been circulating the media today about the new Apple iPhone 3GS phones having problems with overheating. Whoopty do! Let's see any company double the speed of a phone by upgrading the CPU and it not heat up more without any additional changes to the cooling from the earlier model. Yeah, I know the new processor doesn't get much hotter than the older one because of the smaller transistors being used. It gets hot, big deal so does the iPhone 3G! Most of the phones I've had get really hot after long exposure, what makes the iPhone 3GS any different?

Britney Spears has died, at least according to her Twitpic account on Sunday. This turned out to be false along with information being sent out from Ellen DeGeneres TwitPic account, because someone had broke into the two accounts and began sending out false information from them.

Twitpic is a service that allows Twitter uses to share photos. While TwitPic isn't owned by Twitter, it is a widely used service but apparently has flaws of its own.

Twitpic informed users Sunday to disregard false messages from Spears' account and said that they were implementing a fix to the vulnerability immediately. We tried reaching them and none of our emails were returned.

NASA Launches GOES Advanced Weather Satellite

NASA has launched the new GOES (Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite) known as the GEOS-0 on Saturday. The new weather satellite will serve as a spare for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration who uses the satellite's to track hurricanes and other weather events.

The GOES-0 was launched at Cape Canaveral using the Delta IV rocket. The new satellite will work it's way into its final orbit location by July 7th. Once the satellite is in orbit and fully operational the name of it will change to GOES-14. At this time, the satellite will be handed over to the government by Boeing Space and Intelligence Systems on July 18th.

The GOES satellite system provides real-time weather monitoring for 60% of the world.