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Firefox 29 Beta Release features new Australis User Interface Revamp

By James Anderson / 03/23/2014

Only days after the release of Mozilla Firefox 28, a beta release of Firefox 29 has been announced. Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android can try out the new features, and they are good ones. Firefox Accounts now drives a revamped Firefox Sync. A redesigned customization mode is included, the Gamepad API is now enabled, and […]


Firefox 3.6 Beta Released

By James Anderson / 11/02/2009

The first beta of Firefox 3.6 has been made available for download by Mozilla. The final release be ready later this year, but testers, developers and early adopters can get 3.6b1 now. The newest Firefox browser contains few new features; most changes from the 3.5 version are behind the scenes enhancements for speed and code efficiency, such as the JavaScript rendering engine.

There are some new features, including built-in support for Mozillas Personas lite browser skins, new alerts to users for outdated plug-ins like Flash Player or QuickTime required by sites, and support for full screen video display for videos embedded with the video HTML tag.


Mozilla Firefox 4.0 Browser Screenshots and Concepts

By James Anderson / 07/28/2009

The Mozilla team has posted several Firefox 4.0 screenshots or mockups, as they call them, which show what they are planning for the new 4.0 version of its browser.

The first screenshot that you see shows off a new “Bookmarks Widget” that could serve as a replacement for the Bookmarks Menu and Bookmarks Toolbar, but of course you could always enable them since the functionality would remain for those that love the two ‘old’ bookmark features.


Firefox 3.5.1 Update Released To Address Vulnerabilities

By Wesley Roberts / 07/17/2009

Mozilla has released an update to FireFox 3.5 which is being presented as version 3.5.1 for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The update closes a major security vulnerability that was disclosed several days ago that could lead to malicious code being executed by simply browsing a web site.

The new update also improves stability of the browser and the launch speed of the browser on Windows systems. A complete list of changes can be found at Mozilla Bugzilla.


FireFox To Get Process Separation: Multi-Core Support

By Michael Horton / 07/08/2009

FireFox 3.5 is a very strong contender in the browser market but one feature it lacks that Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 8 has is multi-process browsing. Multi-process browsing gives the browser ultimate stability and performance for computers with multiple processors or CPU cores by having each page or tab, run in a separate process. This means each tab could theoretically could be on separate processors or cores giving you a performance boost over having just one process (the browser) running on just one CPU or core.

We gain not only performance from this type of process separation, we also gain security because if one page ends up being malicious its process can be closed and is segregated from the remaining browser processes.

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