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Sophisticated Cyber Espionage Regin Malware in use since 2008

regine malware

A sophisticated piece of malware which targets government organisations and infrastructure operators has been discovered by the security firm Symantec. The backdoor trojan, known as Regin, is described by Symantec as: “a complex intelligence-gathering tool which has been engaged in long term systematic data collection and surveillance activities against government organisations, infrastructure operators, businesses, academics, [...]

Structurally Weird Diamonds created by Asteroid Earth Impacts

asteroid lonsdaleite

A form of diamond known as lonsdaleite is actually a structurally distorted form of ordinary diamond, according to work by scientists at Arizona State University. So-called lonsdaleite is actually the long-familiar cubic form of diamond, but it's full of defects," says lead author Péter Németh. Such defects occur, he continues, because of shock metamorphism, plastic [...]

Sodium-air Batteries could replace Lithium-ion in Electric Vehicles

sodium ion battery

Progress is being made in the rechargeability and reaction kinetics of sodium-air batteries by researchers from the Canadian Light Source and Western University. The understanding of sodium-air battery systems and their chemical composition and charging behaviour will play a role designing more road-worthy batteries for EVs. The limited mileage of today’s EVs because of the [...]

Deep Space Mystery Light an Ejected Black Hole?

mrk177 glalaxy

An unusual source of light has been spotted whose strange properties make it an excellent match for a supermassive black hole, one which was ejected from its home galaxy after merging with another giant black hole. However, astronomers have not ruled out a different possibility. The source, known as SDSS1133, could also be the remnant [...]

Perfect Paraxial Cloaking Device uses Lenses to Hide Objects

lens cloaking device

A new cloaking device that breaks through some of the limitations of previous devices, using inexpensive and widely available materials has been developed at the University of Rochester. "There've been many high tech approaches to cloaking and the basic idea behind these is to take light and have it pass around something as if it [...]