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Fable 3 HD Trailer and Game Details Unveiled

The third chapter in the RPG Fable series is about to be unveiled. Fable III is due out in Q3 or Q4 of 2010 and will allow players the chance to rule Albion and is sure to include many new twists and interesting plots.

During the first half of the game you must overthrow the tyrant king and for the second half you are the king/queen and must rule over Albion, with every choice you make change the kingdom itself.

“The third child is always the problem child,” Microsoft’s own Peter Molyneux said at the Camescon in Cologne today. “The third game of any series tends to be a bit of a lull. We want people to expect the unexpected.”

“Fable III will be new, fresh and different. I think there’s something fundamentally wrong with RPGs like Fable. The mechanics have been around since the 80s. I’m going to take that foundation and throw it away.”

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