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Silverlight 3.0 Released – Brings Remarkable Features

Microsoft has released the latest version of its Silverlight technology, Silverlight 3. The new version brings us many new features and enhancements over the 2.0 version such as Smooth Streaming, 3D support, and “out of browser experience”. It also has built-in support for GPU acceleration to take advantage of your advance video card that you may have in your system.

One of the best features of the new Silverlight 3.0 is the “Smooth Streaming” which can provide a viewer with high-quality viewing at HD quality (720p+) by adaptively streaming the media. The Smooth Streaming technology will dynamically detect the current network and local PC conditions such as CPU load, memory, etc and seamlessly switches the video quality of a media file that a Silverlight player receives. No more choppiness while the video re-buffers, just great video stream all the time without any interruptions.

If you have the latest Silverlight 3.0 installed you can check out a demonstration video of this over at IIS.NET which shows off the technology. You can also find a more technical overview there too.

Silverlight has really taken off recently, with big boys like Netflix who use the technology as their primary video player for its web site. I can see why, after watching HD videos with Silverlight versus Flash or other video formats like WMP. Silverlight with the Smooth Streaming in HD provides the best video streaming quality that I’ve seen to date.

Download: Silverlight 3.0

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