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Official: iPhone 3.0 Release Time, Now!

As we anticipated the iPhone 3.0 OS upgrade has been officially released by Apple. Everyone, start your iTunes! However, be ready for a long wait as the Apple servers will be completely slammed with users attempting to upgrade to the new OS.

You should also make sure that you are running the newly released iTunes 8.2 and have all of the existing carrier and iPhone updates applied.

If you don’t snatch the OS 3.0 update today, you might as well wait until next week because I’m sure the Apple servers will even be extra busy tomorrow and over the weekend with new iPhone 3G S users wanting to get in on the action!

The update is 230.1MB in size, and is only taking a few minutes to download at this time. I’m sure as time goes on, the downloads will begin to slow up as more and more users attempt to download the new update. As it is now, a bottleneck doesn’t seem apparent.

How To Download The iPhone 3.0 OS Update/Upgrade To The iPhone 3G and iPod Touch

1. Launch iTunes.
2. Plug-in your iPhone to your PC/Mac. (Be sure to unlock the passcode)
3. Under ‘Devices’ in iTunes, click on your iPhone.
4. Under the ‘Summary’ tab and under the Version section, click on the ‘Check for Update’ button.
5. iTunes will attempt to download the latest version 3.0 from the Apple server. Just wait.

What is your most anticipated iPhone 3.0 OS feature?

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