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Skype Beta 4.1 Provides Official Screen Sharing Support

Skype, the most popular VoIP client in the world with over 443nmillion users, has released Skype Beta 4.1 which is the first Skype client to fully support screen sharing!

Screen sharing for Skype is one of the most anticipated features and it’s finally here. The latest Skype beta will also allow Mac users to share their screens with PC users – which wasn’t possible in previous versions.

Does Skype Screen Sharing Work?

I’ve tested the screen sharing on both a Mac and a PC, and I have to say that it works very well. The feature-set is pretty limited but it allows you to do most of the basics such as; full screen, selecting only a portion of the screen to share but you can’t share a screen with a group of contacts unfortunately.

For right now, you may want to stick with third-party Skype plugins that allow screen sharing with more features, at least until Skype enables more features than what is currently offered with plugins.

The really bad downside to Skype Screen Sharing is that you have to initiate a voice call before you can begin sharing. You can’t start a screen share with someone and simply chat with them.

Other Skype Beta 4.1 Features

The latest beta fixes several bugs, adds accessibility features, supposedly improves call and video quality, adds birthday reminders, and more.

You can download the latest beta copy from

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