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QuickPWN Apple Store App Revealed Then Removed

You may have gotten a glimpse of QuickPWN App in the Apple iTunes Store a couple days ago but it was apparently quickly removed from the store after Apple received some bad publicity around it.

QuickPwn, as many of you know is the software that allows you to bypass Apple’s protection on the iPhone to install non-official applications and programs on the iPhone and iPod Touch. How did it make its way onto Apple’s Apps Catalog and why would they be promoting such an application?

Apparently, QuickPwn is not an actual software title but a Company that goes by the name of QuickPwn. According to a post on, the owner intended “to develop apps for the App Store and submit them under” the QuickPWN name. Before they submitted any actual application to the store, they wanted to test submitting a web app to the Apple’s Web Apps section to see whether or not Apple would approve it.

They uploaded WordPress plugin application that converts sites into a mobile version when viewing with the iPhone. The app was approved and listed on the Apple website rather quickly but about an hour later Apple removed the app from the website – assuming they did so because of the company name.

The owner of the site goes into details stating that he might have simply submitted it to the wrong category and will make another attempt to see if it gets approved and stays online this time after submitting it to a better category for the application.

“I really hope Apple will not reject it just because my company name is the name of a popular jailbreaking software” they stated. However, their web site page states “Download QuickPWN, jailbreak iPhone and iPod Touch, games and More!”. Makes you wonder what their real motive is?

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