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Microsoft Windows 7 RC Download Now Available For Everyone

Wanting to know where to get the Windows 7 RC download? On Tuesday May 5th, 2009 the public will have access to Microsoft’s latest and greatest operating system, Windows 7 RC1 for free at! You will have full access to this Release Candidate for over a year as this release will not expire until June 1st, 2010. The Release Candidate will be the latest release of the operating system before it is released as a finished product. While there is still some debugging code in this version of Windows 7, it has been proven to still be a much faster operating system than Windows Vista.

We’ve heard all sorts of new features from Windows 7 which includes; Windows XP Mode for running older Windows applications and Needy State and one of our favorite features the Taskbar Open With option on the superbar.

Ever since the ever so popular release of Windows 7 Beta back in January, Microsoft has received lots of great feedback on the new Windows operating system. Windows 7 focuses on the basics that users want; performance, reliability, speed, and better power management. They’ve also improved the user interface greatly to make it easier to manage opened application, more quickly open documents within applications, and better ease of use all around with the new superbar or remodeled taskbar.

Windows 7 Retail Launch Date
We’ve heard from a confirmed source that Windows 7 will being shipping on October 23rd, 2009.

Where To Download Windows 7
Beginning tonight at midnight you will be able to download Windows 7 RC at

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