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Tata Nano – A Brand New Car Under $2,000

Costing under $2,000 USD, the Tata Nano – also the world’s cheapest car, is due to go on sale across India in the next few days. The Tata Nano measures 10 feet long and 5 feet across, giving enough room for five passengers and is a bit larger than the Smart cars we see on the street in the U.S. today. 

The four-door Nano has a 33hp 624cc engine in the rear of the car. To save on costs, you’ll find no airbag, radio, power steering, air conditioning and you’ll have to roll up the windows using the old fashion method – your hand. Tata will have a more featured and slightly larger versions coming out in 2011 which will include more ‘luxurious’ features that we come to expect on any car in the states.
Lacking features aside, this car only costs $2k. However, with the lack of airbags and safety features, seeing the Tata Nano in the U.S. will never happen. The next models which include airbags and safety features may begin to pave the way to cheaper cars in the U.S. but the question is, would you buy one?
The basic car has a 4-speed rear wheel drive transmission and has a top speed of 75 mph. The car can go to 43 mpg in 14 seconds, so it’s not a car to race with your friends but you’ll surely beat them in fuel efficiency as the Nano gets up 56 mpg on highway and 47 mpg in the city.
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