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Gmail Gives Us Ability to Undo a Sent Message

Sometime you wish you wouldn’t have hit the “Send” button on an email, regretting what you said or sending it to the wrong person. Gmail users need not to worry any more because the Gmail team has provided us a new feature called “Undo Send” which allows us to cancel a sent message.

Here’s how it works. You send the email and after sending it a message will say “Your Message has been sent. Undo”. You will have five seconds to click the Undo button to prevent them message from being sent. Sure, it’s not a lot of time but it could definitely come in handy when you know instant that you sent soemthing that you shouldn’t have.

If your browser crashes, computer crashes, or anything else happens your message will still be sent as it’s kept in a buffer on the Google Gmail servers, not locally on your browser session.

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