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Meet the Cajun Crawler – A Segway Like Device With Legs

We’ve all heard of the Segway but what we all might not have heard about is the Cajun Crawler, a Segway-like personal transportation device with insect like legs. It looks a bit creepy, really cool, and it’s a lot faster than one might think. This Segway competitor was created by some students from the University of Louisiana, hence the name “Cajun Crawler”.

The crawling mechanism uses six pairs of mini legs under the platform that the rider stands on which are powered by two 18V hand-drill motors. Also under the platform is two 18 volt battery packs which feeds the electronics and legs with power for mobility. The crawler can move up to 3MPH currently. Okay, it’s not super fast – but once you see the legs in action it’s really amazing it can move as fast as it does.

Don Tamosaitis, the student who led the design and construction of the device said it has “a little learning curve with it, just like a skateboard or bicycle. It’s really stable after you learn to use it.” In the video you will see that some of the guys fall over because they stopped too suddenly. Tamosaitis said “Once you learn to stop by easing off the speed you will not fall over”.

The device is actually very strong and was able to carry a 325lb man with ease as you can see from the video.

The costs to build? Just about $1200 bucks – some of the materials were donated however.

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