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MSI Unveils World’s Most Power Saving Netbook – U110 ECO

MSI today has launched what they call, “The World’s #1 Power Saving Netbook”, the U110 ECO in Wind Netbook. The battery life of the U110 ECO is around 9 hours, but of course this varies on operating conditions and settings. The new netbook features the Intel Menlow Platform with Atom processor, includes a high resolution webcam, 2 channel stereo speakers and microphone, and of course your 802.11 b/g/n for wireless connectivity.

Below are the additional features of the new netbook from the press release:

– The Excitement of Instant Communication
U110 Eco is quipped with high resolution webcam, high-performance 2 channel stereo speakers and microphone, all fitted perfectly within the framework design, expressing the slickness of technology and the elegance of modern fashion. Web-chats can be broadcasted instantly not missing any exciting moment. The photos taken are very sharp in resolution and brilliant in colors, so it’s easy to capture precise imagery both indoors and outdoors to make your life more colorful.

– Wireless Internet Connection
U110 ECO has the 802.11 b/g/n wireless all region internet connection and Bluetooth transmission interface, so you can enjoy the convenience of accessing the internet anywhere. There will be absolutely no obstacles getting around your daily life.

– Comprehensive Multi-Media Application Interface
U110 ECO offers a complete entertainment interface, which includes the 4-in-1 card reader, so it is compatible to most of the mainstream memory cards, making it easy to upload digital files into the notebook computer. Moreover, U110 ECO focuses on the common products in the market to make your life easier, therefore you may connect your peripherals such as PDA’s, digital cameras, digital video cameras, digital MP3 Players, Global GPS Systemsetc to U110 ECO through USB 2.0 Port. An external DVD burner may be added (optional) to play and burn important files at will.

– Hard Drive with Massive Capacity
Unlike other competitors that have compromised the storage capacity to decrease in size, U110 ECO is equipped with the 2.5 inch standard hard drive80/120/160 GB*.It can operate just like regular notebooks without worrying limited storage capacity to save the greatest moments in life.

– Big-Size Keyboard and Touch Pad
MSI has the same persistence on proper ergonomically design even on the keyboards of MSI smaller notebook computers. The keyboard of U110 ECO not only has great texture, it also increases the space between the keys to 17.5mm, allowing you to be as comfortable as you can. Furthermore, with the ingeniously designed spacebar and touchpad, your fingers can move smoothly to avoid strain..

– 10″ Wide LCD Display
U110 ECO has selected a 10″ wide LCD display as oppose to the typical smaller sizes to provide better comfort while viewing or reading. In addition, the 1024x 600 resolution can relief concerns of the full display of WebPages while browsing, giving you the freedom when exploring the internet.

– Lightness in Design
The frame is approximately 26 centimeters in length and 18 centimeters in width. It is only 33 mm in thickness making it extremely thin. The total weight with the battery is less than 1 kilogram, making U110 ECO very ideal for taking it on the go.

No word on when the new netbook will be avaliable and pricing was not known either.

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