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Microsoft’s Kumo Search Service Gets Powered Up!

We reported in November of Microsoft Kumo, a new cloud based service or search service coming to Microsoft. It still really isn’t known exactly what Kumo will be used for; many still say it will be a new branding to replace Microsoft Live search this year but others still believe it has more to do with cloud computing. What ever Kumo is, it’s getting powered up this week and Microsoft will be testing it internally with a select number of employee’s according to a CNET article. “Kumo is the name of an internal test environment we are launching to a small sampling of employees…this week,” a Microsoft representative told CNET.

Tech Fragments did a little digging of ourselves and after our findings we are 100% convinced that the new Kumo is related to the new branding of Microsoft Live Search. Below you will see a screenshot of the SSL certificate that the site uses, notice that it’s using the live search SSL certificate? We believe this is a very good indication of what Kumo was made for and that’s, searching the web. What do you think?

I think the question that does remain is, what exactly will Kumo look like? I’m convinced that the new search engine powered by Microsoft will look and operate much differently than the way currently operates. It’s Microsoft initiative to regain market share back from Google. Will it fail or succeed? That’s the million dollar question.

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