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Google Launches Google Accounts Privacy Management Dashboard

Google has introduced Google Dashboard, a product which gives users access to their personal information retained in Googles databases. It is intended to provide transparency for all the Google products in one location, as well give more control in managing the data and account settings associated with it.

In order to get to the service, log in to your Google account, then under Personal Settings, look for a link that says “View data stored with this account”, clicking on that link will lead you to a second log-in panel, which leads to Google Dashboard.

Google products which you will be able to manage are:

    Account & Profile, Custom search engines, Web history, Gmail, Docs, Shopping List, Calendar, YouTube, Blogger, iGoogle, Latitude, Reader, Talk, Mobile Sync, Health, Orkut, Picasa, Voice, Contacts, Alerts, Finance, Friend Connect and Tasks

The following products are not supported yet:

    Analytics, AdSense, AdWords, Checkout, Google Video, Groups, SideWiki, SearchWiki, 3D Warehouse, Book Search, Sites, MyMaps, Base, Code, Moderator, PowerMeter, and Feed Burner.

Google Dashboard is available in 17 languages, soon to be 40 languages. The dashboard will show all of the Google products linked to an account, along with various data associated with users use of each product. In addition to the account data, links to manage it are available, so that instead of having to go to each Google product separately, everything can be managed from one location.

While Dashboard doesn’t actually add any new features in terms of privacy, it does make keeping track of everything in all your Google accounts easier and hopefully will give users a little more confidence that Google takes their privacy concerns seriously.

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