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Motorola Cliq Android Handset First Reviews

Motorola’s Android phone, the Cliq, has found its way into several reviewer’s hands and the results are in. But does Motorola still have what it takes to compete in todays market?

Engadget’s Ross Miller notes the hefty feel of the device: “…virtually every part of the phone looks and feels over-engineered, which leaves you with a device that’s both heavier and bulkier than it realistically had to be. For us, that wasn’t a problem — it generally gave the phone a substantial, reassuring, high-quality feel — but for fans of tight jeans or svelte, sexy handsets, it’s important to remember that the CLIQ clocks in over a millimeter thicker than the keyboardless myTouch 3G”. But he concludes the Cliq “looks and feels like a testbed, not quite ready for primetime”.

At CNET, Kent German seems more impressed with Android than the Cliq itself: “Though having all your information in one place is convenient, the overall effect can be overwhelming. Its performance also could be better and the Android OS saddles the phone with a few limitations. Yet, despite those drawbacks, the Cliq proves that Android continues to evolve”.

ZDNet advises T-Mobile customers: “For T-Mobile users, this is the phone to get. Period. Its much better than a G1 and a myTouch 3G. For others, its a harder sell, and depends on your local carrier situation. The device is a toss-up with the HTC Hero on Sprint if you prefer physical keyboards, this is your device. It all depends on your hardware preferences”. The reviewer mentions the interface as having a sluggish response and points to the Qualcomm 528Mhz processor used in the current generation of Android based phones as the culprit. High build quality and the built-in widgets were among the positives.

And Slashgear gives the handset props for innovation regarding its custom interface and attempts at integrating social networking sites. However, “the CLIQ itself is less dramatic as a device. Build quality is on par if not slightly better than rival devices and functionally its reasonable, but there could be a little more excitement or allure in the physical hardware”.

So, the consensus seems to be, if youre into Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn, and on already on T-Mobile, youll like the Cliq. Not so much otherwise.

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